EVO-LAW’s Mission

EVO-LAW’s goal is to be your legal partner, providing you the counsel and services you need when you need it while your company scales up.

All companies, no matter where in their growth cycle, should have access to effective legal counsel to advise them on their legal risk and mitigating options. All too often, companies just starting out omit the legal due diligence required because of the high, often unpredictable costs. Many a time it’s a case of “you don’t know what you don’t know.” These companies are leaving themselves exposed to potentially high risks that could be a major impediment in their path to success.

EVO-LAW believes that all companies should have appropriate legal counsel at every stage of their journey. This is why we are committed to offering legal services and tools that are relevant to your company. With our affordable and predictable products, you can receive the right advice and service when you need it and how you need it.

Drawing from the nimble, fast-paced world of the startup and the disciplined processes of the large corporation, EVO-LAW’s approach to the practice of law is pragmatic, flexible and tailored to your specific needs while leveraging technology and processes to  improve inefficiencies in the legal process.

EVO-LAW was founded by Sapna Mahboobani who is also the firm’s principal lawyer. Read more about Sapna to learn why she built EVO-LAW.