Founder and Principal Lawyer: Sapna Mahboobani

I founded EVO-LAW because I recognized a need in startup and developing business communities for legal support that could easily scale up on par with growth.

My degree from the University of Toronto Law School was polished through training at a Seven Sister law firm, and my tech background (IT Consultant) laid the foundation of what became a highly focused career in technology law.  Through the experience of building, from the ground up, the legal functions of a company that was rapidly scaling up, I learned to develop systematized legal processes while negotiating fast-paced complex deals for the sales team.  I witnessed first-hand the importance of continuing legal counsel to a growing company.  This was the impetus to creating EVO-LAW.

EVO-LAW is focused on technology, privacy and business-related issues. As a former IT consultant and now a lawyer with a strong focus on technology companies, I have over 20 years of experience serving technology providers and consumers. With my practical know-how and my legal expertise, I can clear the way for you to create your product, serve your customers, and grow your business.

These are just some of the ways I’ve helped growing companies –

  • negotiating mid-market to multi-million dollar sale and alliance contracts of varying complexities for both vendors and customers in the public and private sector
  • counseling R&D and product development teams with respect to privacy and legal concerns to avoid costly re-designs and non-compliance penalties
  • helping start-up companies through the first steps of incorporation and organization
  • formalizing service offerings for independent contractors, small business and technology companies with appropriate and easy-to-read agreement templates
  • protecting companies’ intellectual property and trade secrets through non-competes and licensing agreements
  • settling contractual disputes pre-litigation
  • closing business purchases and sales

…and much more. Check out LinkedIn for a chronological history of my experience.

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