Highlighting a Comment

When I’m commenting on a contract, I like to highlight any comments that are intended for internal consumption (comments/questions to business, IT security, or other stakeholders). This makes them more visible when the business is scanning through my revisions and gives the team a sense of how many issues need to be addressed internally before looping in the counterparty.

Along with my tip from yesterday, another shortcut I use all the time is ctrl+alt+h to highlight my comment. Now, instead of having to mouse over to click on “review” then click “new comment” type out comment, highlight comment, mouse over click to “home” and click on text highlighting (all of which takes a lot longer than you’d think), I can create my comment with three keyboard shortcuts:

ctrl+alt+m – to create the comment.
After typing the comment,
ctrl+a – to select the comment text
ctrl+alt+h – to highlight the comment

The highlight shortcut works anywhere in your document (and even in Outlook for email). This has made my life a little simpler.

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