Additional Requirements

What do you need to know before you negotiate a #SaaS #contract?

Most SaaS purchases are based on the standard offering that is provided to the supplier’s general customer base.

Once in a while, though, you may deal with a SaaS purchase where a major part of the decision was made on some future functionality on the supplier’s roadmap. Or maybe the supplier promised that it could develop a custom feature for the customer.

During the #kickoff meeting, I try to uncover if there are any special features the customer is expecting that wouldn’t be considered part of the standard offering.

The supplier’s default SaaS contract template is not going to include these special features. In fact, the software warranty, if any, only points to what the suppliers documents.

Knowing the customer’s additional requirements helps you ensure that they are captured appropriately in the contract – whether in the SOW, the support schedule, or as desired functionality of the application itself.

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