Ownership of Outputs

What #outputs do you receive from your #SaaS application.

You need to understand not only your #SaaS application DOES, but also what MATERIALS it provides the customer.

Many applications interface with multiple systems, pulling data from some, processing that data, and then feeding that processed data to other systems within the customer’s eco-system.

Some applications, though, will spit out logs and reports and other output materials.

Your job in the #kickoff meeting is to understand what ancillary outputs the SaaS application provides and how those are used by the customer?

Why? These will help shape your ownership and intellectual property provisions. Most SaaS contracts will say that ownership of all services, deliverables, materials provided by the supplier will be retained by the supplier. But if the customer receives some reports it expects to use and distribute, you need to take a closer look at these ownership provisions to make sure that the right party is getting ownership. Even if ownership is not negotiable, you need to ensure that the customer has the right license right to use the materials in the way it intends to use them.

There’re a number of ways to structure ownership, but first, you need to know what is being delivered.

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