Templating Communications

Lunchtime Contracting Tip:

This isn’t so much a Word drafting tip, but more of a communication tip.

I tend to have pretty standard emails when I send back drafts of contracts, either for internal review or to be sent to the counterparty. These are along the lines of: “I’ve attached the latest draft, please review etc. etc.”

I’m also a big fan of not using brain-cycles more than necessary for routine tasks.

Microsoft Outlook has functionality called “Templates” that lets you store email templates that you can easily drop into your email instead of typing out from scratch. You can have as many templates you need for all your different scenarios (to counterparty, for internal review, for internal approval, whatever your particular workflow requires). I know some people use the “Signatures” function for this.

Gmail also has similar functionality for this.

Either way, consider using templates for the routine emails you send, even if they are only a couple of lines. It may not seem like much of a time savings, but I’ve noticed a boost in my productivity from not having to “think” about those standard emails.

Try it out and tell me what you think.

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