Converting PDF to Word

Lunchtime contracting tip

Don’t you hate it when you receive a PDF version of a contract to review. Whether it’s just plain laziness on the part of the counterparty, or some sort of power play, receiving a PDF document just waits time in trying to arrange for a Word version.

Alternatively, you could just convert the PDF to a Word document quite easily. You don’t need Adobe Pro to do this. Word allows you to natively convert a PDF into Word without having to use another program.

Just go to File –> Open. Navigate to the folder your PDF is stored in, and select the PDF. Make sure “All Files” is selected in the file type. Word will pop up a message about converting the document. In a few seconds, your document will open up in editable word format.

I like this method because it keeps me in Word and the conversion seems cleaner than when I use Acrobat Pro (which means you have to pay for additional software).

I no longer engage in the PDF/Word battle. If you want to send me a file in PDF, no problem. (If you send me an unconvertible PDF though, which is rare, but can happen, then I’ll be really annoyed).

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