Documenting your SaaS

The #supplier was improving on its software offering at break-neck speed. Features were added and customers were being upgraded almost every month.

And then the supplier was slapped with a lawsuit. Its customer claimed that the company had breached its warranty.

Software and #SaaS #contracts tend to provide very limited warranties, in some cases no warranty at all. Most agreements will land on a limited warranty that the software will do what its documentation says it will do.

And this is where the lawsuit comes in. In its eagerness to release new updates, the company cut corners with the related documentation. It made sweeping statements that the software provided reporting that was compliant with applicable industry regulations, neglecting to mention the configuration required to achieve this result.

When the customer was taken by surprise by regulatory fines for inadequate reporting, it blamed the supplier and claimed the software did not do what the documentation claimed.

All this to say – review your documentation. Make sure it says exactly what the software does. Keep it updated. Have a lawyer review it. It may look like a benign document, but it is closely tied to a legally binding agreement.

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