Open Source and SaaS

How do you deal with the use of open-source software (OSS) in your #SaaS contract?

The SaaS customer usually doesn’t care if the supplier uses OSS in their application. OSS has many benefits that ultimately flow down to the customer.

The customer cares that the OSS isn’t going hinder its use of the SaaS application and that the inclusion of the OSS doesn’t get the customer in trouble in some way.

Customers will typically want assurances from the supplier that
– the supplier has complied with the OSS licenses
– the supplier has chosen OSS under “permissive” licenses that do not put any additional obligations on the customer
– the supplier is able to support the OSS if required
– the supplier will be responsible for all liability related to the OSS (which as discussed previously, can be a sticking point).

OSS licenses can be complex, so do your homework and choose wisely when deciding what OSS to include with your SaaS application.

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