Time Ticking on your Warranty

The company was relying on their new #SaaS application for their annual regulatory reports. However, the resulting reports were full of mistakes and virtually unusable without a lot of manual work. The annual reports did not align with what the SaaS documentation promised.

The company thought that they may have a case for breach of warranty. However, the warranty period was only thirty days after the start of the subscription. During that period, the application was still in implementation stages – nowhere near ready to be put through its paces.

Some things to consider –
– When does the warranty period start? Will the application be in a production environment where it can be tested in the real world.
– When does the warranty period end? Will you have enough time in the real world to have tested all the major functionalities of the application. Keep in mind transactions that take place only periodically like annual reporting which may not be tested until months after implementation.

Pay attention to the warranty period. Does it provide you, as the customer, enough time to protect your investment? Does it leave you, the supplier, open to liability longer than necessary?

How do you normally deal with the warranty period? What are you willing to accept?

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