Upgrading your SaaS

How do you handle #SaaS enhancements that could adversely affect your particular implementation.

A common approach is for the customer to have the ability to test new upgrades and versions before they are deployed in the customer’s production cloud environment. However, to take full effect of this right consider:

– does the customer have the right resources to perform such tests before deployment. (a test environment, the required personnel).
– should the customer have the right to test every new release (including releases with bug fixes or minor releases) or only new versions of the software?
– how frequently is the software going to be updated? Can the customer test and accept a “batched” upgrade containing multiple releases in one patch.
– does the supplier require that current releases be upgraded within a certain time period or that support will be provided to only the most current release?

There isn’t anyone standard that works for a supplier and customer. What works varies not only based on the customer but also on the SaaS application in question.

How do your clients deal with this situation?

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